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Postby gmattson » Sun Sep 20, 1998 2:04 am

Date: 07 Sep 1998
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At sensei Mattson’s class in Newton , Saturday morning , I began to reflect on what really makes a dojo ! There is always a certain magic mantle to sensei’s classes that wraps the students in excitement and resolve spurring them on to their finest of performance !

Sensei teaches the pure traditional classical Uechi that sets the standard for the ‘multitudes’ that keep flocking to him ! And therein lies the ‘secret’! It is the nature of the nucleus of the ‘flock’ that pays the greatest homage of success ! An eclectic group made up of that ‘something old and something new ‘ …the fierce loyalists of yesteryear commingling with’ fired up’ visitors from far away States and sister Ryus in total embrace of brotherhood and finely tuned practice!

Meeting Kevin , a Wado –Ryu practitioner from out of State in sensei’s class , brought me back to the 60’s when another Wado stylist set up residence at the Cambridge St. dojo to learn UECHI and to make new friends ! It gave me a lift to see this young lawyer in his prime of life so excited to be smack in the middle of old tradition and fine ideals and so exhilarated at the hospitality of Mattson sensei and the genuine warmth of his high Dans!

“Sit in reverie , and watch the changing colors of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind “[Longfellow]

As we sat with Kevin and GEM over a bagel , I realized , in sweet mood and distant thought ,
that nothing had really changed over the long years , that it had always been that way wherever we found ourselves training under sensei’s presence ; that he alone has the ability to attract such fine , outstanding karate –ka personalities the world over…..and that is what makes up the very heart of the dojo !

Much happiness,
Van Canna
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