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 Post subject: ADRENALINE DUMP
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 1998 2:19 am 
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Adrenaline dump
We have talked in much detail about the effects of the chemical cocktail in this forum , and try as we will to ' grow accustomed to it's face ' , as we should [ Peyton Quinn] …my belief is that unless you are perpetuating the stimulus up to levels of extreme on regular basis , you quickly
become de-conditioned to it's disconcerting effects , IF , it is possible to really adapt to it in the first place ! Quite frankly , when it comes to facing a potential life or death encounter , your reptile brain will be KING! This view was confirmed to me by one of the top forensic psychiatrists I do business with in my investigative work !

On a boating excursion with some friends we had taken aboard 'skeet guns ' [ over and under 12 gauge shotguns ] to break clay targets thrown from the stern when out on the open sea for some exciting hand to eye coordination from an unsteady platform !
On our return run , we were radioed a warning that some 'connected' tough guys , who had it in for one of my friend on board , might be planning an ambush at dockside ! All of us on deck were trained martial artists with some 'combat' experience, [except for the target friend] , and we were all holding extremely deadly weapons ……there is nothing more awesome than a 12 gauge shotgun at close range !

Knowing what the opposition could be capable of , we were suddenly flooded by the adrenal
glands… as in a vicious spinning back kick to the stomach … not withstanding the comfort of the guns and the ' karate' !

We had a 20 minutes run to shore and I knew that we needed to work on a plan ! To change
directions to another landing spot was not acceptable as it would have sent the 'wise guys ' a signal of weakness an invitation to ambush later ! Calling the police was another no-no with this' element' since it would make things worse ! They had to be sent a confrontational message to weaken their resolve ! However the waves of adrenaline at sustained rate for 20 minutes without a release would have turned most of us into disorganized ' sickly' targets .

Suddenly we had the answer ! Approach land at full speed ahead while firing at clay targets off the stern with the boom of the shotguns thundering ominously over water ; breaking the law , hoping to be intercepted by the shore patrol on landing , while at the same time shaking the ' cobwebs' and intimidating the enemy in wait !

The tactic worked , we were not intercepted by patrol , but as we pulled up to dock we were keyed up as shock troops for the kill ---and as one of us jumped off, holding a shotgun, to line us in ….we determined that the 'punks ' were nowhere in sight !

Rick Wilson put me on to ' Watch my back ' by Geoff Thompson ; And he writes the following : " My hands and legs shook with the adrenaline which seemed to be trying to burst out of my body. This is where the key to fighting lay -controlling the beast within you . The beast that seemed to be against you , but was really trying to help you ; that seemed to seemed to be trying to imprison you-- but was really trying to free you ; that seemed to be trying to weaken you
-but was really trying to strengthen you ; which seemed to be your enemy but was really your best friend . GO WITH THE TIDE OF ADRENALINE ~~NOT AGAINST IT~~AND VICTORY WILL BE YOURS ." [ Thompson] !
Van Canna

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