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Postby Van Canna » Sun Oct 11, 1998 4:36 am

Dojo showdown

Last night we conducted the monthly advanced workout at the Brockton dojo [2nd Friday] where I teach along with Bethoney sensei ! Upon arriving early and approaching the long corridor to Bob's office I heard some raised voices and I sensed something was awry ! Sure enough, two 'coke heads' with glazed eyes , were in Bob's office 'sassing' him …demanding to be taught 'only one lesson' and, when rebuked, getting bold : " we are pretty tough guys ..what don't you show us some of your moves ..sensei? " As Bob got up from the chair to tell them they had a choice between walking out or be carried out , I remained about ten feet outside the office as one of them came out with his hands in his pockets ! I had dropped the GI bag and I had my right hand on my hammerless .38 special inside my wind breaker slash pocket ! As I glared at him without saying a word , the other punk was backing out under verbal assault from Bob . By coincidence Art Rabesa , not knowing what was going on , had come out of the dressing room area and had sneaked up to the safety glass window of Bob's office , which he hit with a resounding boshiken to announce to us he was eager to start training ! The roaring noise sent the two punks scurrying out the door !

Much later , done with the workout , I got into my car and stopped at the gas station next door to refuel ! As I was about to exit , a car coming from the next island over , tried to cut me off from making a left turn into oncoming traffic and had me momentarily boxed in while waiting for traffic to clear ! looking over at the driver , it appeared he was one of the punks , alone in the car and glaring at me ! Fully expecting he might jump out of the car with a gun , as it quite often happens in some parts of Brockton , I took out my .38 special out of the pocket and kept it below side window level with my left hand on the window crank ..all the while staring down the motionless punk ! The chemical cocktail kicked in and I gladly received its familiar taste , my gun hand was steady as a rock ! The punk remained frozen in his seat for what seemed like an eternity under my stare , and finally when traffic cleared , I turned left ever so slowly, smiling at him ! He did not pursue ! Down the road about one mile , I felt my hands and legs shake some, in a most welcome way !

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