It's Over Quicker than it Starts

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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby moulton » Sat Nov 07, 1998 6:53 am

Christopher, my tender seventeen year old son, was attacked from behind tonight at a Bruins game. Some belligerent fan in his 30s was giving people at the game mouth and shoved a few people, including Chris. Nothing came of it then a little while later he jumped Chris from behind with a bear hug then punched him solidly in the back of the head, leaving a lump, and things happened fast from there. This was Chris’ first fight ever and in a strange place with only strangers around except for another teenage friend. The results of the events made me more a believer that years of proper martial arts training does, in fact, help develop the proper mindset to enable someone to take charge of his mind and body and react properly. Chris came out of it with two bruised knuckles but the adult was much less fortunate. Chris was later informed by security, who witnessed and stopped the incident, that he could have pressed charges, even though he was the victor, because he is a minor.

You never know when things are going to happen but when they start it just happens sooo fast. A month or so ago I was in Boston and I was repeatedly shoved by a young woman in a crowd until I got fed up and told her she was a very annoying young lady. Upon my leaving her boyfriend shoved me and I shoved him right into the crowd without even thinking; it was automatic. I stood motionless like a rock facing him for a few seconds with my hands in position until I snapped out of it then walked away. I never mentioned the incident on the forum because, well, it’s nothing to be proud of, nothing happened, and I forgot about it until tonight.

I mention these two events because fights can start in a split-second over something really stupid and there can be a price to pay afterwards. For Chris, he was under attack and had no choice but to defend himself. I had a choice, and could have (should have considering the consequences in hindsight ) absorbed the shove and just walked away.


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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby Alfred » Mon Nov 09, 1998 6:15 pm


I know you and your son Chris will, but just a concerned reminder to please take the necessary precautions to guard against subject Yahoo -- or Yahoo and friends -- who might be seeking "revenge" for the incident the Yahoo initiated.

Having a wife -- who teaches middle school -- and two kids - the oldest one Chris' age - we have had our share of times to be concerned.

Not that you aren't aware of the techniques presented, but an interesting book that's probably out of print is, "Everything You Need to Know to Guard Yourself, Your Family, Your Home, Your Possessions, and Your Business", Ira Lipman. Last saw this book around the 1960s, and the author was talking of secure rooms - including bullet-resistant door -- with a portable phone in that room, layers of security, type of preferred weapon, load, etc. Sounds overly cautious - and I haven't made my house into a fortress as recommended -- but I recall the author mentioned he had unfortunate personal experience in that area.

I enjoy your web site!

Keep on training -- more of a self-encouragement than for you, I'm sure!

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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby Mike Hurney » Tue Nov 10, 1998 11:58 am

As Rodney Dangerfield said "I went to a fight and a Hockey game broke out." I would have gotten out of there after the first incident. Ten years ago we would have been the main event after the first shove. It's all part of his growing up.
PS I'm talking about Chris not you and the woman.
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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby moulton » Wed Nov 11, 1998 10:39 am

Hello Alfred.

Boy, was Ira a paranoid one. You reminded ne of a "survivalist" I worked alongside of in Charlotte N.C. who built his house specially fortified, oriented, and yes boobytrapped. He built a bomb shelter, stocked guns and ammunition, stored dried foods and water, and lived his life in constant fear of atomic bombs, government takeovers, civil riots, anarchy and complete chaos.

OOH I shiver to think of those things.

On the opposite side of the coin, a favorite cousin of mine who taught history at a local high school for years until he retired. He disciplined many teenagers, had a few threats in his time, but never took any outstanding precautions.
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Hello Mike.

Rodney used to say some neat things in his movies sometimes, eh? It must have been an off-nite at the rink; I don't know I wasn't there. I unsuccessfully tried to get Chris to come forward on this forum and express his feelings about the incident and share a few words.


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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby gmattson » Wed Nov 11, 1998 4:37 pm

I know Chris. . . seeing him in class and at camp. A more quiet and reserved gentleman you will never meet. Apparently, under that facade lies a Tiger! Reminds me of a poster I did many years ago: I put a caption under the reclining old man resting his elbow on a sleeping Tiger. . .

"A Tiger sleeps within us all!"

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It's Over Quicker than it Starts

Postby david » Thu Nov 12, 1998 10:45 am

Allen, for Chris,

There is a rush of emotions and a sense of "befuddlement" coming upon the first experience of one's personal power.

Better to let it sit awhile. You need not fully understand it now.

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