This forum and then the fireworks

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This forum and then the fireworks

Postby Van Canna » Wed Nov 25, 1998 3:46 am

This is going to be a fairly intense post for some of you ‘lurkers’ and participants but it is not meant to single out anyone ! BUT>> If you recognize yourself here , so be it !

Given the ‘flamers’ who occasionally populate these forums , I had been working on a post aimed at self defense for administrators , then I saw an article about the wise ways of navigating the net ..and much of it applies here as well ! Sure you want to be polite and indulging , but the time comes when you have to take decisive , albeit , ‘unpopular’ action in slamming the moronic vagrants who will attempt to sidetrack you and succeed only in wasting your valuable time , baiting you into mindless response action , robbing you of creative personal , precious moments by enslaving you to their histrionic , grandstanding inanities ! As the article says , unless you evolve certain wiles and essential ‘street smarts’ you will become somebody’s lunch !

You will be up , occasionally, against ‘cyber thugs’ just as surely as you might find yourself against a street thug , suddenly out of nowhere ,and you must learn how to deal with them in a brutal way or you will be forever engaged in the “war of the words” to your dismay ! Don’t worry about being unpopular or drawing the criticism of your ‘ enlightened intellectual’ cyber- friends ..the hell with them stand on your feet and keep swinging and sending your message out there that you will not be messed with !

These forums have the tendency of sometimes attracting the blabbermouths , the imbeciles, insecure , weird , frustrated , structurally weak , whining wimps , who have suddenly hit upon the miracle of the ‘cyber –stage ‘ to launch arguments as a means by which they attempt to confirm their being , when for them, their being is frail and in question! We see them every day in our lives , those who must prove that they are ! These are the noisemakers of your life so busy with permeating the sound /cyber waves with authoritative banality , that they have had no time to form an original thought , nor have they given themselves the opportunity to hear and learn anything from listening to anyone else ! Think about how many spewing “screeching jerks” we have to put up with everyday of our lives , and to be sure , some of them are destined to emerge on your forums from time to time !

My advice , especially if you are a female forum administrator , is not to create a profile or give signals which will be misread , misinterpreted, by the closet creeps looking for vicarious thrills and harboring sexual fantasies ! I just got through investigating a sexual harassment case this week where a woman was preyed upon simply because the perpetrators chose to act on certain “perceived” signals ! In other words , do not leave any “soft spots” to even hint at vulnerability some weird a*** h*** decides to take advantage of with psychological warfare !

You have the power to deal a mortal blow to the imbeciles , you can “click” them into oblivion , you can ignore them , you can slam them unceremoniously , and you can always have the last word by just tossing their stupid words down the “ delete” toilet ! Do this on regular basis and the future mindless wimps will be too intimidated to take you on or to take liberties with you ! And don’t fall into the trap of one on one E-mail …to discuss things ‘in private ‘ will be bombarded by zillions pathetic messages by these jerks giving you no peace !

You mind set principles are the same whether you fight with your hands or with your words ..and don’t give any quarters or you will loose control ! And don’t be swayed or intimidated by any negative comments or criticism from “ your other cyber friends” The hell with them ! [this worth repeating] !!!

The strongest , most successful fighters , will always be alone in the hour of peril while their ”friends” busy themselves hiding under tables !

Van Canna
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