JD and the Hut

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JD and the Hut

Postby moulton » Sat Nov 28, 1998 7:01 pm

Hello all.

I had the fortune of meeting JD this morning at the Hut but couldn't pull him away from Van long enough to spar with him [JD, that is -- ed.] JD has "dragon hands," That's what I call them anyway. Maybe down the road we'll spar.

Van unlocked another secret of Uechi-ryu this morning. When he was making black-belts fly with his demonstration of the Wauke thrust I wasn't watching his hands but his midsection and knees -- and timing.

Van asked me to let youse guys know when I get the pictures of his last seminar posted. As soon as they are up, I'll be back and let you know where to find them.


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JD and the Hut

Postby Kevin Mackie » Mon Nov 30, 1998 1:53 pm

Allen, I'm confused with the mixed metaphor "dragon hands". Is this a skin condition or what?

Kevin Mackie
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JD and the Hut

Postby moulton » Mon Nov 30, 1998 10:12 pm

When I saw him spar Saturday 'Dragon Hands' immediately popped into my mind. I didn't ask him if he had a skin condition.

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