Tis the season for.... more awareness.

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Tis the season for.... more awareness.

Postby david » Sat Dec 05, 1998 11:31 pm


You're right that the "capacity to be a 'jerk' surpasses gender." I don't men care to hang with guys who get into fights for no good reasons. I'll walk away from them and won't hang around to wait for trouble to brew.

Personally, I am into ERO (equal rescue opportunity) when it comes to someone who is being picked on for no good reason. Something about bullies...

On the other side, I've been rescued more than once by a good person, a woman no less.

I don't find it useful to think in terms of "feminine" or "masculine". I prefer to see things as "right" or "wrong".

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Tis the season for.... more awareness.

Postby moulton » Sun Dec 06, 1998 12:12 am

Sew Lori, I know you just wanted to do some mending, but…

We guys were just thinking of a few likely crowded holiday areas for places to keen-up our senses.

"damsel in distress?" That must have been me tripping over my own thoughts out loud. Ok, so I read some good fairy books (bad choice of words, Al) when I was a kid.

“Just because a woman wears . . . a potentially explosive situation!

It was almost a given that there was going to be at least one fight per night, not speaking of myself here, in the two favorite places I patronized when I was pre-21; some, I knew, were over women. It’s been a long time, but I don’t remember any fights which were caused by women wearing sexy things. Rather attitudes, territories, egos, manipulations, refusing to be ‘cut-out’ while dancing, the girl came from the others’ town (territories again), etc. were primary reasons. When I was over 21 in night clubs it seemed that loose lips under a few beers was the primary reason for fighting over women.

Irregardless of who started what or why, the KEY to avoiding a big mess, if possible, is to recognize the INTERVIEW as early as possible and talk it down from there unless you, yourself, are itching for a fight too.


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