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Postby Van Canna » Mon Dec 07, 1998 4:01 am

You study karate for many years , you even go to Okinawa for a few years , you are a decent 'fighter" in the dojo or at the tournament circuit , you listen to your sensei say you are more than ready to defend yourself ; after all >> you can stand on your "sokusens">> break a two by four with your shins and you have been taught the real "secrets" of karate by the masters ! So for you it is a cake walk , right ?

Then one night you are walking the beach with your daughter , enjoying the sunset , alone and far from anyone who can help , when a jeep full of punks pulls up at your heels ; beer bottles /cans are being thrown at you …and one of them says : " Hey , what are you up to ? Are you going to f*** her ? Why don't we start it for you while you watch !" [ TRUE STORY -HAPPENED TO A FRIEND OF MINE WHILE VACATIONING IN FLORIDA] !

Do you really think you have what it takes , emotionally and physically to handle the situation ? Will you be able to de-escalate/ escalate as necessary? You really believe your 'karate' will save you from a senseless beating , or worse, and your daughter from being raped by the drunken scum now getting out of their cars with beer bottles and a baseball bat? [ five big guys , looking like body builders] !

Chances are you don't believe in guns , hate the NRA, don't believe in mindset conditioning , have no legal mechanism in place , you are a child of dojo "mushin" now caught in a real world trap with a terrified daughter to protect ! BUT now you may wish you had a gun to protect your daughter at all cost even if it means you go to jail ! You may even regret your status as a " hoplophobe" , a term Jeff Cooper coined to designate not simply a person who has aversion to firearms , but rather one who is afflicted by a mental illness that results in his considering an inanimate object to have a will of its own !

Your brainstem fixes a fearful expression on your face , freezes unrelated movements the muscles had underway before the threat materialized, speeds the heart rate and raises blood pressure, slows your breathing and makes you rivet attention on the source of your fear while your mind goes to gibberish ! Simultaneously , cortical memory systems are shuffled to retrieve any knowledge relevant to the emergency at hand , taking precedence over any other strands of thought ! What will they come up with ? What have you really programmed ?

On this forum I have talked about in some detail the various concepts and mechanism which should be in place if you are really a student of self defense , or more importantly , if you purport to teach self defense to your paying students ! Mr Jim Grover is an expert at such concepts and writes of his "force continuum " in a national sportsmen magazine ; an excellent imagery to embrace by some of us who mean " business" !

1] Guile and wit -always try to talk , slide, sneak or run your way out of conflict ! Here a caveat ; Geoff Thompson , in his book, tells of the fact that the majority of people bent on doing you harm , will not let you walk away and will jump you from behind as they will see you as weak ! He also points out that if you have family along , you have their safety to consider . He believes that in order to survive certain situations , you must be as bad or worse than your assailants !

2] Always carry a less than lethal weapon [ OC spray] as the first line of defense ! It is effective 96% of the time , requires little technique , more humane than beating someone , legal, and defensible in court !

3] Unharmed techniques [ martial arts] , when blindsided and have to provide an immediate defense . Mr Grover explains that in the real world , aside from all the fantasies of one blow knock outs , the possibility of fractured skulls , broken limbs, or stab wounds is considerable when compared to using a less than lethal weapon at first indication of attack!

4] Lethal force >> [ firearms]>>in the last resort , only in response to lethal force or threat of it being offered to you !

5] The obdurate inner refusal to become a victim ; and your acceptance and preparation of the fact that if you are arrested for your actions , your decisions will be scrutinized and criticized by those sitting in judgment who won't be subject to the same cycle of attack YOU had to endure ! The mental and legal preparation before hand , in anticipation of all the ramifications, and the resolve you cannot allow those fears to keep you from acting and doing whatever it takes from possibly ending up dead , paralyzed, raped or otherwise damaged !

If you cannot see that there is much , much , more to self defense than a few dan ranks and self delusion born of dojo dreams and tradition , then stop teaching and believing in martial arts as the 'ultimate defensive art' and think of it only as an art and good exercise! When you are cut off from the pack and singled out for the kill you will understand what I am trying to say ! Right now you are living in blessed denial !!

Van Canna

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Postby Mike Hurney » Mon Dec 07, 1998 12:04 pm

Good morning Van,
Sounds as if it's over. Maybe you could take out one or two of society's forlorn (predator + good defense attorney = predator victim) but with those odds (carloads) & their extreme ruthlessness, it's over.
How about door number 6, swim away?
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