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My Mom

Postby Gene DeMambro » Thu Dec 17, 1998 5:15 am

I am getting this story 2nd hand, but what do you folks think of this:

The other day, my Mom was in the Toys 'R Us at the South Bay Shopping Center in Boston, Christmas shopping. She was standing in line, and the daughter of a Puerto Rican woman brushed up against a white woman. The white woman then proceeded to insult and verbally attack the PR woman. Saying things like, " Puerto Ricans think you own the world...". Security had come over, and new cash registers opened real quick after the arguement started. Why security didn't escort someone out the door is beyond me.

Anyway, so the white woman turns to my Mom (a plump, short Sicilian/Italian woman in her mid-50's) and says "... and you're just like them. You're all alike...". So my Mom said:

" You're right. And the same God that made us made you too".

The arguement stopped right there. No one knew what to make of that answer.

What do you think of this?
Gene DeMambro
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My Mom

Postby moulton » Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:09 am

Sounds like the "white woman" had personal problems and senselessly took out her frustrations on the most defenseless person she could find.

God bless your mon, Gene.

My Mom

Postby Cecil » Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:58 pm


Your Mom has CLASS!!!!! WAY TO GO. Gotta use that one myself.

As for the "white woman", maybe she ought to ask Santa Claus for a brain this year.

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