seeking 5 serious students in sarasota/bradenton area

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seeking 5 serious students in sarasota/bradenton area

Postby antony » Thu Oct 28, 2004 4:22 am

I have a private school in sarasota, Fl. I have never been a fan of the commercial arena. I train by the old codes and expect alot from my students. I am currently in search of 5 students who are very serious about their training. I open up my school once a year to interview potential students. We are small but a very tight family of practioners. Training here is exclusive and must stay in the dojo. Applicants must be willing to enter into confidential / nondisclosure contracts. Training will cover standup, throwing, joints locks, ground fighting, weapons, and impovised weapons.

We are Jiu Jitsu based. We incorporate Aikido, Karate, Tai Chi , and Yon Ch'uan. We strive to work within the law making the defense work on a level of the threat. We incorporate pressure point and meridian striking with all of the tech. This is a complete system. We are not part of any organization. Knolwedge and skill must be your reason for training, not certificates and recognition.

Applicants will be interviewed until the end of December.
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