Southern California Uechi-ryu classes

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Southern California Uechi-ryu classes

Postby miked » Sun Feb 10, 2008 3:57 am

In the past two months, I have received calls from various individuals who have had trouble finding a Uechi-ryu instructor in the Los Angeles area.

I am writing to reiterate that I offer no-fee training sessions on Mondays and Wednesday nights at my home which is located a stone's throw from LAX. I am also the technical director for the late Master Kaend's Orange County dojo located in Garden Grove, CA. This dojo is being run on a daily basis by Sensei Bill Corriveau who is a terrific Uechi instructor.

If you are traveling or moving to Southern California please feel free to join Bill or I for training.

For more information on Los Angeles classes please go to

For more information on classes in Orange County, CA please go to and click on the Garden Grove link.

Contact information is as follows:

Sensei Mike DeDonato
(310) 710-6334

Sensei Bill Corriveau
(714) 891-1017
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