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Boston Arnis Club

Postby david » Sun Dec 19, 1999 1:39 am

The Boston Arnis Club, under the direction of Guro George Brewster of Lanada Escrima, will be relocating to Boston Chinatown at the Quincy School Community Center sometime after the New Year. The club had operated out of the Boston Sportsman Club. Unfortunately, aerobics have proven to be more popular and profitable for the BSC. Classes are held three times a week focusing on single stick, double stick and knifework.

George Brewster attained the rank of yondan in Goju-ryu under Sensei Mirakian in the Watertown Dojo* prior to starting his study of Lanada Escrima under Amante Marinas, Sr. in the early 70's. Guro Marinas left his affiliation with Grandmaster Lanada to start his own style. Currently, George Brewster remains Grandmaster Lanada's representative in the New England states. George Brewster is also an Associate Member of the North American Chapter of Bakbakan International under the direction of Master Rey Galang.

Finally, Mr. "B" is an all around nice guy, a skilled and patient teacher, and we should all be lucky to retain his level of skills and movement in our 70's.

If you are interested in checking out Lanada Escrima, email me.

*Footnote: Sensei Mirakian opened his dojo in 1957, the same year as Sensei Mattson. Mirakian pioneered Goju in New England while GEM pioneered Uechi-ryu in the USA. Sensei Mirakian probably has longest running dojo in the New England area.


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