Looking for Wes Tasker

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Looking for Wes Tasker

Postby gjkhoury » Wed Feb 02, 2000 5:05 am


I'm looking for Wes Tasker, but don't know where to start.

Do you have any info on his whereabouts?

Please call me at 978-858-0123 or email me at gjkhoury@tiac.net

Thanks in advance,

Gary J. Khoury
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Looking for Wes Tasker

Postby david » Wed Feb 02, 2000 9:42 am


Wes recently came back from out of state. Greg has his most current address. He is still in the Boston area.

If you don't have greg's email, though he might answer at some point here himself, email me for it.


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Looking for Wes Tasker

Postby gmattson » Wed Feb 02, 2000 2:31 pm

I have Wes's tel number and address Gary. I'll send it to you today.

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