South Shore?

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South Shore?

Postby Evan Pantazi » Thu Feb 24, 2000 1:30 am

Anyone know a good Instructor in the Plymouth / Norwel vacinity...Uechi, Jujitsu, Karate for a first timer?

Evan Pantazi
Evan Pantazi
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South Shore?

Postby Robb in Sacramento » Thu Feb 24, 2000 2:45 am

Mr. Pantazi:

I can't help you with your question, but I found it funny that my regional bias would read your topic "South Shore" as looking for an instructor at Lake Tahoe. OOPS! Peace.
Robb in Sacramento
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South Shore?

Postby Gene DeMambro » Thu Feb 24, 2000 7:17 am

Good Morning,

There are PLENTY of good Uechi schools South of Boston. Sensei Paone is in Norwell specifically, and there are others in the area as well. Take a gander at the Instructors link on the Home Page.

As for Jujitsu, Uechi-Ryu America Karate Studio in Randolph holds jujitsu Tuesday (7-8PM) and Saturday (10:30-12Noon). Distance might be a problem from the REAL deep South Shore. Visitors are always welcome. See Sensei Mike Murphy's listing on the isntructor list for the phone number.


Gene DeMambro
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South Shore?

Postby Gary Santaniello » Fri Feb 25, 2000 4:09 am

Evan San,

As Gene has mentioned Mike Murphy in Randolph is best for the Uechi-Ryu/ Jujistu in that he teaches both and as you know i visit him frequently and would vouch for his abilities very highly. (Uechi-Ryu America)

Sensei Ricco Paone in Norwell is closing next month and going to be in Whitman with my group of advanced students. We do not have a beginner class at this time.

As Gene stated, there are many South Shore Schools around but for that combination, Mike is the way to go !

Best regards,

Gary S.
Gary Santaniello
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South Shore?

Postby Evan Pantazi » Fri Feb 25, 2000 11:36 am

My thanks to all.

Evan Pantazi
Evan Pantazi
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South Shore?

Postby Steve » Fri Feb 25, 2000 2:04 pm

Pantazi Sensei - just a little bit further south, and in Plymouth county, there is an awesome Uechi-ryu & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dojo in Bridgewater.

It is listed in the links page under the Academy of Uechi-Ryu, although it has been recently renamed Reality Self-Defense.

Sensei Joe Pomfret, like Sensei Murphy, is a Bridgewater State College (BSC) graduate and a teacher. He was also a Marine Corps CQC instructor. He teaches Uechi-ryu and BJJ.

Sensei Josh Wiseman is also ex-marine and in his final semester at BSC. He teaches BJJ and Self-Defense. He is the most accomplished grappler that I've ever encountered.

Just one more option for you. Best regards, Steve

D. Steven White

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