Uechi-ryu in St. Louis

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Uechi-ryu in St. Louis

Postby RACastanet » Sat Feb 26, 2000 1:06 am

To all: One of our best students is moving to St. Louis in a few weeks. Any recommended Uechi-ryu instructors out there?

Thanks, Rich
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Uechi-ryu in St. Louis

Postby Shelly King » Sat Feb 26, 2000 4:30 pm


As if you had to ask Image...either Sensei James Foley or Sensei Dean Klossner, both are listed in the instructors link...please note that Sensei Klossner's area code changed to 636...I need to have GEM change that one of these days. What area of St. Louis is he moving to, that would help determine which dojo is closer? Other than that, St. Louis is actually a nice place to live....believe me, I hated the thought of living here until I actually did and now I love it.

Shelly King

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