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Postby timm » Tue Feb 29, 2000 7:19 pm

There mustbe a Uechi Dojo in Boston somewhere. Does anyone know of any?
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Postby david » Wed Mar 01, 2000 9:16 am


Two dojos that you may want to check out are Ed Huff's and Clarence Wilder's. Ed is at the Beacon Hill Atheletic Club which is on on the second floor of Cambridge/Hancock St, Yes, the site of the old Mattson Academy. Clarence teaches out of the Boston Athletic Club which is located on St., down by the South Boston waterfront. I recommend these two because they are very talented teachers/practitioners.

I am sure there are others in the area as well. Duane Lucia used to teach on Newbury St. I am not sure if he still there.

And, the "Hut" in Newton is a MUST with Mattson and Canna senseis presiding, Paul Giella assisting and a rotation of the areas dan practitioners chipping in with their training ideas. The Hut is accessible from Boston by the Riverside Green Line if you don't drive.

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