Dojo near Madison, Wisconsin

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Dojo near Madison, Wisconsin

Postby Bruce Hirabayashi » Fri Aug 31, 2001 11:58 pm

I will be traveling to Madison, Wisconsin for a conference from 21-23 October 2001. The Instructor List on this website shows Uechi/Shohei-ryu instructors in Milwaukee (Jerry Becker) and Racine (Jack Hill), but neither listed phones numbers nor email addresses appear to work and/or still belong to Senseis Becker and Hill.

Does anyone know of a Uechi-ka / dojo in the Madison (University of Wisconsin at Madison) area, or failing that, a current phone number / email address for Jerry Becker and/or Jack Hill?

Thanks for your help!

Bruce Hirabayashi
Uechi-ryu Atlanta
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