brief logistics note

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brief logistics note

Postby ozarque » Mon Feb 28, 2000 3:48 pm

As you know, I ordinarily post to the forum only on Saturday. I'm posting this message today because I'll be away this Saturday (promoting a new book) and won't be able to join you. Two minor items:

1. Sometime today or tomorrow my email address will change to If you write me during the next few days, it would be safest to put my old address in the carbon-copy slot in case the servers mess up the address change.

2. I want to recommend a book while I'm here. Not because I agree with every word in it, but because (a) it's excellent martial arts reading, (b) it's well-organized and well-written, and (c) much of what it says is directly relevant to verbal self-defense as a martial art. I regret to have to report that it's flawed by spelling-checker errors ("who's" where it should have "whose," "principal" for "principle" -- that kind of thing), because it's such a well-produced book in every other way; however, the errors are always obvious and don't interfere other than by being an annoyance. Here's the reference: _Living The Martial Way: A manual for the way a modern warrior should think_, by Forrest E. Morgan; Barricade Books 1992. The ISBN number is 0-942637-76-3.

I'll get back to the forum as quickly as possible.

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