Lets try again

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Lets try again

Postby Looking for a Moderator » Sat Jul 01, 2000 7:58 pm

Perhaps I'm being an optimist by attempting to salvage this forum. I know a lot of diehard martial artist were 'put off' by the fact that a civilian was attempting to teach them something about self defense. Suzette was a non-violent individual who burned all bridges by stating she could get out of any trouble with her communication skills.

Perhaps a bit boastful, perhaps a bit like Mohammed Ali's claims to being the baddest, prettiest, strongest fighter in the world!

Suzette's claims aside, I was disappointed to see most of the regulars find fault with her teaching methods. Surely it would have been easier if she became a Renshi in Uechi-ryu, then would be able to add a statement such as: "In the event the bad person 'sucker' punches you, or in case s/he falls into a category of raging lunatic, or after VSD fails to stops the inevitable attack, do one of the following techniques:

a. Run!
b. Use the most effective fighting technique you are able to perform!

Because Suzette isolated her art from the Martial side of self defense, many of us were unable to engage her in a dialog or see value in her average (real) life examples.

Because of Suzette's moral believes, she could not teach VSD by our standards or engage in a dialog that violated her personal code of ethics.

VSD is simply a tool, like running, using a knife/gun or relying on a Mike Tyson haymaker. I would think that given the opportunity, every martial artist would prefer to talk someone out of a fight than to chance injury or lawsuit with a one-mind solution to all problems.

I suggested the forum, as a balance to the other, more physical philosophies presented here. To fault Suzette's art because of her passivist believes, may not have been the best way to become acquainted with her or the art of VSD.

Just my opinion. . .

George Mattson

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Lets try again

Postby Allen M. » Sun Jul 02, 2000 9:46 am

I often envisioned Suzette as the gladiator in the tiger's den who was spared [watch spelling, Al] by removing the thorn from the paw.

If her wisdom prevents/ed only one person from getting his/her ass kicked, then there are two winners in this forum: Suzette, and the one still intact.

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Allen M.

Lets try again

Postby student » Sun Jul 02, 2000 1:17 pm

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Lets try again

Postby gmattson » Tue Jul 04, 2000 3:11 pm

Found the following on the Cyberdojo. Asked for and received permission from Paris to reprint here: gem

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Dojo mates,

[snip]. . .I felt that I should do my best to contribute and help keep the discussions on track, as it is our obligation to make our dojo the best atmosphere for learning through active participation and encouragement. The senior students are obliged to help those younger than they, and the best way to do this is by example, along with some gentle (and sometimes not too gentle) nudging along the way. I am not presuming to be senior to all of you, but I know some things. I feel it is time to nudge a bit.

Nudge #1. Let's work together to improve ourselves- At the beginning of class we say "Onaigashimas" (Please teach/show me) Senior student and newer student work with each other's improvement and safety in mind. Why not use the CD for our mutual benefit and improvement?

Nudge #2. Let's bow to each other, or at least imagine that we are doing so. Imagine that we are addressing each other face to face instead of across the broad expanse of an electronic wasteland. "Karate begins and ends with courtesy. No one is qualified to be a karate man/woman without it." We will be less likely to insult and belittle each other, intentionally or not if we are looking directly at each other.

Nudge #3. Lighten up! I know many, many senior Okinawan karatemen who would all be labeled "master" in this country and they are all humorous and easy going. Enjoy yourself, your practice and your life. Relax- Ever wonder why the Okinawans live so long? If someone presents an idea that is in conflict with your experience, why not try to learn from it instead of attacking the person who presented the idea? Intelligent cross examination is wonderful when pursued by those with the experience needed to adequately dissect the subject. Absorb what is useful. (Wise words, no matter who said it. I think Motobu Choki probably uttered it long before Bruce was conceived.)

Nudge #4. Humility is the beginning of learning. You cannot learn unless you humble yourself and realize that you do not have all the answers. Are you participating in this forum to better yourself, or to blow your own horn? Do you want to benefit from the experience of the mostly silent senior practioners on this list? They will come out of the woodwork loaded with enormous amounts of knowledge and information for us if we behave properly. Asking the right questions is very important to real learning. Try it! How can you learn unless you close your mouth and open your mind?

I obviously have gone on too long and I am sorry for that, but I believe in this electronic dojo, and I think it can be more than what we have let it become. I hope that you all give my suggestions some thought.

Paris Janos<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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Lets try again

Postby gmattson » Thu Jul 20, 2000 5:19 am

Welcome to the wonderful world of Forum moderatorship, Len!

I'm looking forward to some interesting topics and friendly exchange of ideas.

Good luck...

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