Rules of Engagement!

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Rules of Engagement!

Postby gmattson » Fri Aug 04, 2000 7:40 pm

With the written word, each of us have a very personal understanding regarding what crosses the line between an attack of an issue and a personal attack. In perusing the CyberDojo this morning, I happened across a perfect example of this dilemma:

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Is this type of commentary appropriate on this list? From what I gather it is inapproprate to call someone's karate stupid or their style stupid and would come close to eliciting an expulsion. But it is acceptable to say someones "thoughts" are stupid!?

Does the person in fact, insult the individual by stating that his "thoughts" are stupid or are such comments fair game in the give and take world of the Internet?

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Rules of Engagement!

Postby LenTesta » Mon Aug 07, 2000 4:09 pm

Good question Sensei Mattson.

I believe it wrong to say the word "stupid" when comparing thoughts or individuals. A better phrase would be: "I do not agree with your views on this subject".

It is clear that the person who responds in this manner, objects to the writers views without giving an opinion of the writers intelligence.

No one wants to be likened as a moron. Even if one was a moron, no one likes to be reminded of that fact. It takes a lot of courage for some people to speak their minds on a public forum. Everyone has a right to post their views about the topics we discuss.

If you do not agree with something someone writes, that is your perogative, but please do not demean the writer by calling him or his thoughts "stupid". If the writer was misinformed or was not that knowlegeable about the topic, a good retort would be to clarify the topic for him/her.

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