Road Rage and VSD

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Road Rage and VSD

Postby LenTesta » Sat Nov 18, 2000 5:13 am

Do we start a verbal confrontation when we are distgusted by another drivers BAD DRIVING HABITS which cause us to:
...avoid a near collision? slower than the speed limit?
...stop behind a vehicle at a yield sign when right of way vehicle is no where near intersection?
...stop behind a vehicle at a merge sign?
...stop behind a vehicle who is in the wrong lane (I.E. left turn only and they want to go straight)?
...wait for ever for a slow moving car comming down the street, so you can make a left turn, then when they are 50 feet from th eintersection they put on their turn signal?
...same as above but they do not put on their turn signal?

This list can go on and on of course.

Do you just want to yell at them..."What the F*** are you doing A***h***, learn how to drive or take a cab."

Then you think about VSD and how YOU are the one with the training and if you start a confrontation, how will you talk your way out of it?

This almost happened to me this morning. I was trying to pull out into the street from a parking lot. There were cars comming down the road and were proceeding to an intersection where the traffic light had just turned red. One, two, and then three cars passed in front of me, and as I slowly inched out the fourth car (this man was on the phone) gave me a dirty look as if to say "how dare you try to cut me off" as he then slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting the stopped car in front of him. When he stopped his back bumper was just to the right of my front right bumper. Thankfully the car behind him saw this and slowed way before he did, and let me out into the street.

I was livid! I wanted to roll my window down and tell the jerk off. I wanted to ask him where he thought he was. Was he on race track during the yellow flag and rushing out of the pit to get into line before me so he would be ahead of me?

I finaly thought about what I would have to do if he were to get out of the car and we then started to go at it. I began to think of VSD and then said to my co-worker who was with me, "I would really like to ask him where he thought he was going to go since the light was red, but I am so made at him being so uncourteous, that I might just get into a fighyt with him."

That made me reconsider my anger. If I was alone, I might have not thought this way.

Does being alone make it more difficult to think of using VSD?

Are you more apt to provoke a verbal confronation when you are alone?

Len Testa
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