Next Regional Workout!

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Next Regional Workout!

Postby Fedele Cacia » Sat Sep 08, 2001 3:30 am

I have decided to take Matson Sensei up on his offer to host the next regional workout. I am much honored to be chosen to follow in the footsteps of many before me, and will do my best to keep the standards as high as my predecessors have.

As a Natick resident and a Natick Dojo owner, I would like to nominate the fine Gymnasium facilities at the Natick High School as the location of the up coming regional workout, (directions of which will follow in good time).

With the up coming Dantest on October 21st, I thought, that the beginning of October would be a good warm up, yet not on top of the test for the Dan candidates.

I am requesting opinions on dates; what works best for you!
I have October 6th provisionally booked, I’m not sure what other dates are available but when I get some feedback I can make more inquires.

Please respond one and all!!!

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Fedele Cacia
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Next Regional Workout!

Postby LenTesta » Mon Sep 10, 2001 6:54 pm

Hi Fedele:

I will put the date of October 6 down in the BUKA Members Website Events Page as the date of the next regional.

I will also hang up some flyers in the dojo.

I hope all my students can attend.

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