A Day of Rememberance

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A Day of Rememberance

Postby LenTesta » Sat Sep 15, 2001 10:42 pm

President Bush called this a Day of Rememberance for all the people killed at the hands of the terrorist acts.

I will remember this day as such and also...

We live in Brockton MA. The city where my dojo is located.

Last night at 9:00 my son had come home from work and used Main Street. He told us about the people who were lining the street with flags and candles. My wife and I decided to jump into the Firebird and see for our selves.

What we saw and experienced was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen or been involved in my life. I was not around then, but I can imagine that it can only be compared to the jubilation and celebration of how it was when WWII was declared over.

On both sides of Main Street, covering about 5 miles from South Brockton through downtown and then to North Brockton, were people lined up on the curb. They were displaying lit candles and flags and were waiving to us in the cars while we beeped our horns. My wife said she felt like we were in a parade. Some people in the vehicles were sitting on the windows leaning out of the cars, which were decorated by flags, and shaking hands with the people on the streets. The cars in the parade flashed their headlights and 4 way flashers and beeped at other cars and the people on the street. Even the local police cruisers, who were patroling up and down the street, joined in and beeped their horns, flashed their lights and flicked their sirens on and off. It took us 40 minutes to travel the 10 miles up main street and back to our house.

When we got home we stood outside of our house with candles at 10:00 PM. We were the only people on our street to do so. We live away from the area where all the people were lining the streets. However, we could hear all the cars beeping in the distance. Whenever a car would drive by our house they would break the silence and beep and cheer.

I will remember last night as long as I live.

It makes me proud to know that we can unite our citizens to stand against these terrorists who seek to disrupt our society and way of life.

This events of this week will surely be remembered by all future generations to come as the begining of the fight to rid the world of terrorism.

We can not allow our children and grandchildren to constantly live in fear of airline travel or to step in side a high rise building again.

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