Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby LenTesta » Mon Nov 19, 2001 4:22 pm

Yesterday was a great day for Reality Self-Defense Academy and for Sensei Joe Pomfret.

Congratulations to Joe who tested for Yondan and four of his brown belt students who were tested for Shodan.

The test was held at Bob Bethoney's Uechir-ryu Karate Dojo in Pembroke Mass. Sensei Bethoney, Sensei Clarence Wilder, Peter Blackman, Guy Lewis and I comprised the board.

Joe performed Sanseiryu extreemly well and was a great inspiration to his students by the performance of his kata.

Doug Kerr was Joe's opponent for the brilliantly demonstrated Uechi-ryu Karate/Brazillian JuJitsu techniques that Joe has been using very effectively in his NHB bouts. It was however a pleasure to see that Doug was able to use his Uechi-ryu effectively against Joe's attacks. It was clear though that once Joe was on the ground, he was just as comfortable there as he was on his feet. There was no continuation of fighting on the ground however as both fighters were told to break after each takedown and hold was applied. This was a Uechiryu test after all. The match was exciting as both candidates demonstrated their awesome Uechi-ryu skills.

Mr Olsen, a candidate for Yondan from Clarence Wilders dojo, who is fighting a bout with cancer by the way, had the task of sparring with one of Joes students, Mr. Kulibaba. Many times the grappling part of Kulibaba's training took over as he grabbed and held on going for a takedown. This was frustrating to Mr Olsen as he was not used to having his opponent grab and rush him like that. Once you combine both arts it is not easy to separate them even when you are supposed to be demonstrating the striking art for promotional. It was interesting to see how a combination of styles would be accepted by the mostly all Uechi-ryu studying board. I was the only one on the board who also incorporates groundfighting within our curriculum at the BUKA.

I asked Sensei Bethoney how he felt about combining the groundfighting art and the Uechiryu art. He felt that the two definately were complimentary to each other and he was exteremly proud of his star student for his fantastic showing at his NHB fights. However he was concerned that not enough Uechiryu students will take the time to dig deeper into their Uechiryu to look for the movements that compliment the grappling. By studying the grappling they are in effect abandoning some part of their Uechiryu training. He alluded to the comparable way that Doug handled himself against Joe using only Uechiryu.

I felt that Doug did a more than admirable job while sparring with Joe. He once blocked Joe's attack of a front kick with a nice Uechi-ryu grab and sweeping takedown very effectively. However, I also felt that once the fight went to the ground, if allowed to continue, Doug was definately out of his league. I believe we are only seeing the beginning of the marriage of Uechi-ryu and groundfighting in the Dan Promotionals. Now that Joe is a Yondan, and will be sitting on this board, I see more and more acceptance of BJJ and grappling being applied to the test.

The surprise of the day was the two women who went up for Shodan from Joes dojo. They put on an excellant display of sparring in the Uechi way with very little grappling and almost all stand up fighting techniques. Even though they were from the same school, and had more than likely sparred with each other many times before, they fought a good tough match with each other demonstrating effective offensive and defensive techniques.

All three candidates for Yondan, Mr. Kerr, Mr Olsen, and Mr Pomfret were so impressive that the board could not distinguish between them for Most Valuable Candidate. Each one was special in their own way. Joe is well know for his NHB bouts and his cross training in BJJ. Mr. Olsen is currently fighting cancer and should be commended for his dedication to training in Uechiryu. Mr Kerr is also a great Uechiryu practitioner who made us proud to see him demonstrate that good Uechiryu Karate is very hard to defeat.

Congratulations to Joe for his promotion to Yondan and for promoting the first students from the Reality Self Defense Academy to Shodan.

Congratulations to these three new Yondans and four new Shodans of Uechiryu.

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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby gmattson » Mon Nov 19, 2001 6:12 pm

Congratulation Joe. And to all of the students who passed their test.

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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby mikemurphy » Tue Nov 20, 2001 11:20 am


Congratulations on your promotion and those of your students. It must have been a proud day indeed.

Keep up the good work!

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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby student » Tue Nov 20, 2001 12:39 pm

Let me add my congratulations as well.


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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby LeeDarrow » Wed Nov 21, 2001 6:46 pm

Add mine to the congratulatory list! Pomfret-Sensei has always shown those qualities of a true champion and true Sensei by his considered and careful comments, his unfailing politeness and his consideration to others in these forums. His students are truly fortunate to have such a man as their Sensei.

To the rest of the honorees, my heartiest congratulations as well. Any promotion is meaningful, or should be, but moving to Yondan is especially so as is the move up to Shodan.


Respectfully and with Best Wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving holiday,

Lee Darrow, C.Ht. (Sandan, ret. sort of)

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by student:
Let me add my congratulations as well.


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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby Joe Sullivan » Wed Nov 21, 2001 6:50 pm

Thank you Len, for your kind and well thought out words and analysis.

It was a great day for myself, the students, and our dojo.

I have to say though, the study of grappling has not affected my Uechi-Ryu training in a negative has only enhanced it and made it more effective.

Thanks again,

Joe P.

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Congratulations Joe Pomfret and Reality Self Defense

Postby LenTesta » Thu Nov 22, 2001 2:57 am

It has always been a pleasure for me to watch you perform Joe. I was really touched at the things that Clarence said about you at the promotional. I felt the same feelings he did.

And now it is a pleasure to see that YOUR students are not only learning how to be awesome Uechi-ryu fighters, they are learning how to be COMPLETE figters.

Yes, I agree with you. The grappling has enhanced your Uechi-ryu skills.

There is no doubt in my mind that by combining Uechi-ryu skills with BJJ skills, with no limitations or rules, you will be one hard person to defeat.

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