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Postby Shionage » Sun Jun 01, 2003 1:56 am

I've been in aikido for about 3 yrs and am now getting into karate. I was just wondering if the people who are in charge of this web sight would please make an aikido sectoin? if not i can always go somewhere else.
Besides that, I think that this forum is great! probably the best one i have seen so far! (besides the aikido forums anyway, {lol} just kidding)
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Postby f.Channell » Sat Oct 11, 2003 5:41 pm

We have a grappling section which is posted to by Judoka (like me)
Jujitsu practitioners and Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners. Would be nice to have more Aikido input. After all, we can all trace ourselves back to the samurai.
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Good point Fred...

Postby gmattson » Sat Oct 11, 2003 6:04 pm

Please post on the "Grappling" forum. There are quite a few Aikido practitioners on these forums who practice other arts.

Thanks for the compliment Shionage and looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
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