Visits with Sensei Murphy !

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Visits with Sensei Murphy !

Postby Gary Santaniello » Fri Aug 04, 2000 5:06 am

For those who have not had the "opportunity" to visit with Sensei Murphy, weather you be a jujitsu practicioner or uechi-ryu, i suggest that you do.

Rescently in the past few months there have been several "Guest" instructors visiting in sharing their individual veiws and opinions.

Sensei Mattson, Raffi Deredian, Mike Aceto, myself and others who are participating in this open door "instructor exchange" hope that others will continue to visit. As i visit there frequently myself, there is a warm atmoshere of spirit and respect.

I understand that after "Summer Camp" Sensei Canna and Gary Koury will be scheduling visits also.


You are doing a great job ! As i know no other instructor that is creating so much activity and "exchange" within one dojo in such a short amount of time.

Keep up the good work !

Gary S.
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