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Postby RA Miller » Thu Aug 17, 2000 8:11 am


No, you did not read your history incorrectly- I read it too. It was just written by someone without much knowledge.

The Greek Olympics was a religious festival centered around a group of athletic contests. (It was Greek, BTW).

The Roman Gladiatorial contests were a show designed to appease the masses. (They were Roman, BTW).

I think the rest of your post has been answered most ably.

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Postby MANNAVARAYAN » Sun Aug 20, 2000 11:15 pm


What I mean by only learning straight punches in goju ryu was that you don't learn hooks or uppercuts.You do learn to use elbows however and do punch low,middle ,high but those are all done with straight punches.


I said I was in Goju Ryu for 12yrs. I didn't say I took twelve years to get ni dan.

At my school it took in general about 4-5 yrs to get black belt,then about another 3yrs. to get 1st dan and another 3yrs after that to get ni dan
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