women in grappling

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women in grappling

Postby SifuChrs » Thu Sep 14, 2000 1:39 am

I have been a longtime practitioner of Striking Arts, but when I took BJJ a couple years ago, both of my best friends enrolled with me. The two of them are female--both athletic, and with no Martial Arts Experience. One of them was not very committed and had trouble remembering anything more than a bare minimum, but I feel she would have been such in any art. The other, however, surprised even the instructor.

My friend in fact turned out to be very skilled, and rarely lost, even to practitioners with much more experience. Generally she also gave up 50-100 pounds on these guys. My own judgement as an instructor was that her skill came from the fact that she's completely fearless, and will charge into these guys with minimal hesitation.

Well, without rambling on and on, half of the women in the group were extremely good, (it was a co-ed class), and I mean good enough to take on the tough guys. To my friend's credit, she has also jumped right in during sparring sessions among myself and my other striker friends.
I think she offers strong proof, in my experience, that it's all about attitude. Everything else is little details.

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women in grappling

Postby david » Thu Sep 14, 2000 11:17 am

[q]I think she offers strong proof, in my experience, that it's all about attitude. Everything else is little details.[/q]

Agree. When you face a strong spirit, you'll see and feel it. You know you're in for a good one almost regardless of that person's technical proficiency.

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women in grappling

Postby RA Miller » Sun Sep 17, 2000 1:30 am


Sorry I haven't replied. I was thinkin'.

Since starting, my schedule has changed. What started as an early-morning class had to be shifted to noon when my schedule changed. At the same time, so did the schedules of most of my LEO students. The ones that were able to weather the changes were not with the agency. One shows up on her lunch hour.

Self-selection does have a lot to do with it.

Need more thinking.

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