The Beast Falls

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The Beast Falls

Postby JohnC » Mon Oct 02, 2000 4:25 am

Alexander Karelin was the most feared and dominating Greco-Roman wrestler on Earth. It was a given he would again dominate the Sydney Games matches and win the gold.

Little heralded Rulan Gardner probably faced the gold match with "The Beast" as most before him - with stark fear.

And yet, Gardner defeated Karelin. On a technicality, without domination, but still he won the gold and stood above Karelin on the stand. Below to his right stood the legend he had just defeated, both registering disbelief.

"No man is invincible" - Musashi.

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The Beast Falls

Postby mikemurphy » Mon Oct 02, 2000 10:58 am


No one can take away the unpredictable and yet amazing defeat of Alexander by Rulan. It was one of those tremendous events that can only happen at the olympics.

But can anyone tell us about Roman Greco style wrestling. I watched the match and could not understand fully what the hell was going on. I kept saying to myself that so and so had the opportunity to drop so and so, but it never occurred. Can you explain the rules a little bit for those of us who are confused?

On another note, why was this match televised and well-noted (and a little boring to the novice eyes) when the taekwondo match that gave America the gold wasn't put on? Or for that matter, Jimy Pedro's three or so matches? Surely, there was way more action in either of those two events.

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The Beast Falls

Postby Vladimir » Mon Oct 02, 2000 3:23 pm

Yes, I would be curious to learn the rules as well. I know it's all upper body, you can't use your legs for throws, neither can you block with your legs. Penalty points are awarded for that. If the competitor steps out of bounds he start in the "parter" position and his opponent has so many seconds to perform a technique (how many?). In Karelin's case, he was the first one to brake the close grip, for that he lost a point. But I have seen more action in a figure skating competition than that match. I honestly expected a lot more from the Russian Bear (or whatever the NBC called him).

As far as coverage, I think we all agree that it was terrible. I was hoping to see more events televised.

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The Beast Falls

Postby Gene DeMambro » Thu Oct 12, 2000 8:32 am

In G-R Wrestling, only holds or techniques above the waist are legal.

This year, the G-R Wrestling governing body instituted a particular rule. This rule stated, in part, that the contestants must grasp their arms around each other and try to execute technique. If one combatant breaks the grip, his opponent would be awarded a penalty point. This was the deciding point of the match.

Now, Mr. Karelin could not make up for the difference and he lost the match.

The last time these two people fought (last year's World Championship's), Mr. Karelin picked up Mr. Gardner and slammed him to the mat. Mr. Gardner ended up with two broken ribs. OUCH!

Heavyweight fights tend to be less energetic than the lighter divisions. The quality fo the athltics is no less valid.

Yes, TV coverage sucked. Maybe we should write NBC stating our displeasure Image

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