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Postby mikemurphy » Tue Sep 19, 2000 2:30 pm


That would be cool. Whenever (except for this Thursday) would be great.

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Postby david » Thu Sep 21, 2000 1:12 pm


I am thinking in a couple of weeks. I'll give you buzz or email.

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Postby Tony-San » Mon Oct 16, 2000 7:06 pm

Hey all,

I know this thread is a little old but a thread on the womens forum got me thinking about something related to this subject. the question is the elbow position in your formal sanchin stance. Some folks feel that this is there to protect your ribs. Why you would emphasis your ribs and not your solar plexus or that button in the middle of your face is beyond my comprehension but.... I feel you need to set those elbows in the place where you really feel strength all around your torso and not concern yourself with defensive postures. I've actually been corrected in my posturs to have my elbows almost touch each other! It felt aweful! What is worse, I was already half setup for a Kotegashi type movement. And this is my point.... Why set yourself up for something like this to protect your ribs? If you make it easy for someone who knows how to pull this kind of move off at the drop of a hat, not only are your ribs gonna open right up anyway, your body will contort right into the direction it needs to to get all of them broke with an acsending shin bone.


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