Today's seminar

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Today's seminar

Postby Steve » Sat Nov 04, 2000 10:43 pm

mike - another great event at your dojo! Today's seminar by Sensei Ron Treem was a blast. Lot's of hands-on training.

My favorite part of today's events happened before Sensei Treem got there: the circle drill where we each took a turn in the circle fending off attackers. What a blast!

It's been too long since I've attended a ju-jitsu class. Today, I was the uke from hades. After every segment or demonstration I did, Sensei Treem would stop the class and discuss the CORRECT way to do things. Glad to serve as his set-up man, even if it WAS totally unitentional.

Great to see you, Gene, Dewey, Ed, david and Reggie again. A special thanks to Reggie for taking extra time with me today and for being very patient.

Please thank Sensei Treem for me. He is an excellent teacher and is very entertaining!

D. Steven White

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Today's seminar

Postby david » Sun Nov 05, 2000 12:09 pm

Yes. A fun seminar. Learn a couple of new katame. Thanks Mike and Treem sensei.

Paying the price today. The body hasn't taken ukemi in awhile.

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Today's seminar

Postby mikemurphy » Wed Nov 08, 2000 9:43 pm

Steve and David,

Thanks for the kind words. I wish the seminar was more designed and planned out, but it was a kind of the spur of the moment thing and Sensei Treem had intended on only teaching those of us who have been training Nihon. With that said, however, he had a wonderful time and said that all the people were very well receiving of him. He is an exceptional martial artist and a great guy to boot. And for a little guy, he can certainly put the lock on you fast enough. My arms are still hurting. I don't think I'm ever going to move my arms the same way.

Anyway, thanks again for coming and don't be strangers.

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