happy holidays

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happy holidays

Postby mikemurphy » Thu Dec 14, 2000 11:05 am

Just in case it gets too busy and I forget, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season!

This past year has been one of extreme internal and external growth for the IUKF and its members. Not only do I see a change in some of the seniors (God, we are so stubborn), I see a new generation of concerned and dedicated "newbies" in the wings to take our place. I really believe that the fate of Uechi-ryu in the United States is in good hands.

I would love to thank the Kokusai Budoin, but they really have to get their act in gear a little bit. Things are kind of mixed up as we speak. I do, however, wish them the best in the hopes they too can expand in America and abroad.

Lastly, I again wish that Sensei Mattson and family have the best holiday season yet. Without Mattson senei, we would be nowhere, with no one to guide us out. Thanks too for the wonderful venue you gives us so that budoka of any rank or style can and will offer their opinion.


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