nage waza

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nage waza

Postby mikemurphy » Sat Dec 23, 2000 12:04 pm

Well, we've all seen some Black Belt Theater in our lives I'm sure. We've all watched the WWF too(that's a certain). And even though we know it's fake, in the back of minds we imagine ourselves using this technique or that technique out in the street against some unknown assailant. Come on now, don't deny it!

But of all the moves we see on the TV or movie screen, the throw (or nage) is perhaps the most exciting. But would you use nage wasza in real fight? Would you even think of it? Tough question because I don't know the answers myself. I might use a taiotoshi (body drop) or a Osotogarai (major sweep). I guess its a toss up. Which throws if any do people out there use or practice with?

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nage waza

Postby david » Sat Dec 23, 2000 12:57 pm


Koshinage(hip throw) and seionage (shoulder throw)are for real. I've seen these taken by folks who have never trained a day in their life in the dojo.

Think of the average fight: Two guys throwing wide/wild swinging punches at each other. The gap closes with neither landing an effective punch. Now they are wrapped up with one or the other trying to get a headlock. Sometimes the one with the headlock (under the armpit) will swing the other and end up with an inadvertant koshi. Sometimes the one applying a headlock/choke from behind didn't break the other's balance. The other party naturally grabs the other guy's arms and leans forward to break the hold. Whammo! Inadvertent seionage.

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nage waza

Postby RA Miller » Sun Dec 24, 2000 12:43 am

Real life?

O-goshi or variant when grabbed from behind, ushiro-goshi for a safe but thorough takedown. O-soto-gari and O-soto-gake (alot!) and sumi-gaeshi maybe twice. Uke-goshi fairly often, either defensively or on entering.

Obviously, Mike, I find throws very effective and the damage can be controlled. Most people get much less belligerant when the suddenly feel the world spin away.

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