wrestling and jujistu

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wrestling and jujistu

Postby mikemurphy » Wed Jan 03, 2001 5:26 am

Working in a high school as I do and teaching martial arts can sometimes work to your benefit and sometimes not. There were lots of times (especially when I taught in the Alternative School) when I would be "asked" to show what I have (or so to speak). In the mainstream school it doesn't happen all too often, which is ok with me; however, last week I was approached by the wrestling coach to teach his kids some things that may help them in their matches.

I have to say that it was rather fun to roll around the mat with some of these gargantuans. It was fun because I don't know anything about wrestling (i.e. rules or moves, etc.) and was free to do what I do (within reason of course). The kids loved it too when they were being moved via pressure points or through the use of kozushi (sp?). Of course I told them what I was doing and they got a real kick out of practicing it with their mates.

Just wanted to let eveyone know the fun I had over the holiday break.


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