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Postby mikemurphy » Sat Feb 03, 2001 5:02 am

Ok, here's the third segment in our look at nage waza. Only 62 more to go!!!:-)


Well, I must be crazy, but this throw has caused me headaches in doing and teaching for many years. The "minor" hip throw has been an one of those throws that I could do without; however, when I watch people do it correctly, I think that it is a great throw.

Just exactly do you (you in general) teach ukigoshi and do you use it? I can honestly say that I have never even tried it in randori, and I'm usually one who gives all of them a try at one time or another.

Lastly, is this one of those throws that is really weight and strength specific?


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Postby RA Miller » Sat Feb 03, 2001 2:15 pm

Uki goshi is certainly not weight or strength specific. It is a beautiful throw and as a side-entry hip throw is tons easier for tall and less flexible people than O-goshi.

When I teach throwing, I start with a kuzushi and then apply the appropriate throw. Uke goshi works from a "bow-draw" kuzushi (the bow is drawn like the Japanese weapon with the 5'+ arrows).

Actually, if you have a good tsurikomigoshi (not sasae or sode tsurikomi goshi, which are full entry hip throws) you have a good uke-goshi. The feet and hips are the same.

Also, look at the application of the throw in Randori-no-kata. Uke swings with his right fist and tori enters with a left throw. I've once had the experience of using uke just like the attack in kata. Unrehearsed and completely surprised, it was beautiful.

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