Escaping the Rear-Mount (with hooks sunk)

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Escaping the Rear-Mount (with hooks sunk)

Postby Syd » Tue Apr 17, 2001 10:16 pm


When an opponent hooks you properly it's
impossible to "go to your hands and knees".
Hooking involves placing your feet under
the bottom man's thighs,(thus holding his knees off the ground)not around his waist.


This is very true , I was in the Marine Corps also 86-90 , then recalled for Desert Storm . The only reason I mention this ,is I wonder if I ever trained , under/with Joe.I did Boot at San Diego, Served with 26th M.A.U./M.E.U. S.O.C. > If this rings a bell let me know.
Anyway: Little tip , If your ever being controled by a grappler , Totally relax! THey thrive on resistance,The more you fight there moves, the easier their job is. Relax to the point of limpness, they will then show /give an opportunity. My 2 Cents Mike
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