Next Event???

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Next Event???

Postby mikemurphy » Wed Apr 25, 2001 1:02 am

Van senesi,

Could you tell us when and where and how much, etc. for the shooting seminar.

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Next Event???

Postby LenTesta » Wed Apr 25, 2001 1:48 pm

Directions to the BUKA

See you on the 12th!

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Next Event???

Postby Van Canna » Wed Apr 25, 2001 6:44 pm


Go to the thread "wanna go shooting" on my forum.
No charge for it..not really a seminar, just lots of shooting fun with some safety in gun handling thrown in by Panther. Image

Van Canna

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Next Event???

Postby Joe Sullivan » Fri Apr 27, 2001 8:12 pm

If you are all in the fighting spirit after the seminar, come to Newbedford to watch me fight Dean Jackson, a 175 lb Jiu Jitsu stylist, at my next NHB.

Joe P.
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