Selling my NHB/Grappling video collection

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Selling my NHB/Grappling video collection

Postby mrtomross » Mon Mar 05, 2001 2:55 am

I'm selling my NHB and instructional tapes. If you're
interested in buying any then email me at I can provide
references in addition to my phone number to anyone
who is interested.


Mario Sperry Secrets of Submission Grappling 1-6
Mario Sperry Vale Tudo 1-12
Mario Sperry's Master Series 1-12
Scott Adams & Chuck Liddell Leglock Submissions and
Scott Adams and Chuck Liddell Submissions from various
The Practical Grappler, Submission Wrestling
Insrtuctional 1-3
Michael Jen The Ultimate Guard 1-3
Michael Jen Ultimate Guard Passing 1-4
Michael Jen Ultimate Pin Escapes 1-7
Randy Couture 1-2
Renzo Gracie/Craig Kukuk 1-11
Ralph Gracie 1-4
Ralph Gracie 2nd series 1-9
Krav Maga 1-5
Cesar Gracie 1-10
John Lewis/Andre Pedeneiras BJJ 1-6
Gracie Jiu-Jistu Basics 1-3
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Intermediate 1-3
Allan Goes BJJ 1-6
Roberto Torres Boxing Instructional
Kenny Wheldon Boxing instructionals 1-4
Mark Kerr 1-7
Rumina Sato shooto insturctional (japanese) Heavy
Carlson Gracie Jr BJJ Panther Tapes
Pedro Carvaho 2-16
Darrell Gholar Takdowns 1-2
Tito Ortiz 1-4
Bob Bass and Rick Williams BJJ 1-12
Egan Inoue 1-5
Erik Paulson Killer Chicken Wings 1&2
Erik Paulson Killer Mount
Eric Paulson Garage Private Lesson, Minor Distortion
Eric Paulson's Killer Leglocks 1-2
Nakai BJJ Instructional (japanese) Heavy Distortion
Roy Harris BJJ 101 1-3
Roy Harris Heel Hook Seminar
Grappler's Toolbox Solo grappling drills
Tony Cecchine Catchwrestling 1-10
Tony Cecchine Catchwrestling seminar
Tony Cecchine/Matt Furey Dublin Seminar
Russian Sambo Escape From The Bottom

Geoff Thompson:
Real Punching 1-3
The Fence
Three Second Fighter
Animal Day Part 1-2
The Pavement Arena Part 1-4.

Walt Lysak:
Complete Side Control
Street Combat Arsenal
High Priority Self Defense

Matt Furey:
Mongolian Grappling Secrets Revealed
How to Hook a Heavyweuight
Combat Training
Training Drills For Martial Artists 1-3
How Wrestlers Take A Fight To The Ground
Throw 'Em and Hook 'Em Seminar with Tony Cecchine 1&2
How Wrestlers Control A Fight On The Ground

Marco Lala:
Vol. 1: Top Control (Fighting fom the top position)
Vol. 2: Top Control (escapes from pinning positions)
Vol. 1: Bottom Position (how to fight from the bottom)
Vol. 2: Bottom Position (how to escape from the
Winning From Legs Around Top Position:1 (guard)
Winning From Legs Around Bottom Position:2 (guard)
Elbow Techniques: Strikes, Joint locks & Escape
Marco Lala headbutts, eye gouging and hair pulling
(how to fight dirty)

Tony Blauer:
How to Beat a Grappler Vol 1&2
Advanced Stand up Grappling & Close Quarters
ABC's of Street Attacks
The Science of the Sucker Punch
Take it to the Streets
The Four Ranges
Integrating Boxing and Martial Arts
Rage Attacks
The Rage Rover
Inside the Groundfight: Cement Friendly Fundamentals

Conditioning and Exercise:

Matt Furey Combat Conditioning 1-3
Pavel Tsatlouine's Rapid Response Conditioning 1-8
Dorian Yates Blood and Guts
Secrets of Indian Club Swinging
Dinosaur Training 1-4

Fight Events:

Superbrawl 1-4
EFC 1-2
WVC 3&6
AFC 1-3
IVC 1-2, 6
Extreme Challenge 22
Pride 1-4
Absolute Street Brawls
Abu Dhabi qualifier jjvs.jj jjvs.wrest
Brasiliero 98
Oscar De Jiu-jitsu
Japan Vale Tudo 95,97,98
Mundial 99 brown vol.1 vol.2
Mundial 99 black vol.1 vol.2
The Best of Travis Fulton (over 40 fights)
II Oscar De Jiu-Jitsu Copacabena Desafio (Royce vs
Unseen UFC 2 Preliminary fights
MARS Underground Tryout:
An hour of perfect quality camcorder footage
from a underground "tryout" tournament in Atlanta for
the now defunct M.A.R.S. show. A octogon in a airplane
hanger locked, with cars parked around the octogon.
Only fighters and managers allowed and no cameras,
except for this one camcorder. Lots of great fights
inc. Sambo champ Dirk Rice and a big fight between
Lions den Jason Canalis (EF2) and Fairin JJ fighter
Ivan Lee (fought Royler Gracie).

Gracie footage:

Rickson tapping 20+ guys in a row at Torrance school
Rickson rolling in chicago with several people in
preparation for JVT

Rare Royler Gracie street fight:
This is not such high quality footage, ( footage
"flickers" every 5 or 10 seconds during most of the
fight ) but oh what footage it is. From years ago, way
back in brazil, a closed door street fight in a hotel
basement in Brazil between Royler Gracie and Luta
Livre star Eugino Tadeu. Only a couple of reporters
there and
only 1 camcorder! the only others present were 4-5
guys in each fighters "Corner" (sitting agianst the
wall) Inc. Zulu, Hugo Duatre, Rickson and others. A
fight almost breaks out after the fight, watch the
argument between Rickson and others. Watch as in the
middle of the fight Royler gets KO'ed, hits the
ground, wakes up and continues fighting.

Torrance Dojo Challenge Fights
This is actual footage of Challange fights at the
Gracie Academy. See the Gracie students win against
any and all challangers. Please note SOME of the
fights on this tape are featured in Gracie in Action
but what you won't see on Gracie in Action is the out
takes where the losers try to explain away their loss.
Also some of the fights on this tape are duplicates
but shown from a different camcorder angle. Some clips
are grainy.
Plus Rigan, John, Carlos, and Rickson Gracie in a
Sambo tournament

GRACIE & Machado Compilation Tape
*Machado's vs Sambo and Judo
*Rickson and Royler vs Judo.
*Video of Royler and Rickson competing at a Judo
school. Great quality for such rare footage!
*Video from an judo tournament. ( a little grainy)
*Rigan Machado vs Dalla (excellent grappling action!)
*John Machado vs Anthony "Nino" Shembri(excellent
grappling action!)

This is the famous footage where Rickson is grappling
with some judo guy and the judo instructor says "I've
seen someone with better ground fighting than Rickson"
Rorian asks Who? The guy says something like "Can't
remember his name right now but Rickson needs some
ground fighting training."

Rare Gracie Video Compilation

*Gracie Judo Invasion: Footage from Rorian's
camcorder of the gracies vs. a judo school. (very old
footage, grainy).
*Royce Gracie Interview: A little hard to hear at
times but still good.
*Gokor and Frank Shamrock w/ Gene Lebell
*Rickson v. Regan Machado ( this clip borders on
unwatchable, severe distortion.)
*Royce Gracie Interview
*Pedro Carvalho Matches
*Footage from a Rickson seminar
*Rickson Gracie
*Jason Fairn matches.
*Royce Gracie taking on some BIG wrestlers and
submitting them all (grainy)
PLEASE NOTE!! This is mostly camcorder stuff and the
quality varies from poor to good. Some of it is snowy
but everything is still
watchable. There is screen distortion in a few clips.
In some clips faces are not very clear but you can
still see the grappling action. Some clips are quite
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Selling my NHB/Grappling video collection

Postby Malcolm Wagner » Mon Mar 05, 2001 4:30 pm


Very nice collection; may I ask why you are selling it? Willing to sell part, or single tapes?

Thank you,
Mal Wagner
Isshinryu Karate/Free-style Jiu-Jitsu
Malcolm Wagner
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Selling my NHB/Grappling video collection

Postby T Rose » Tue May 08, 2001 7:29 pm

are the sperry tapes still available?
please email me
T Rose
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