Offense or Defense

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Offense or Defense

Postby mikemurphy » Thu Nov 15, 2001 10:44 pm

I know that this question has been asked and reasked a million times over the years in every conceivable forum. Which is better, the offense or the defense. What I mean is during a conflict, is it better to take the offense or to rely on the defense.

I ask these questions after I saw the clips in Van sensei's forum regarding the man who was beaten pretty severely. And after reading Van sensei's comments about it, it made me wonder what the answer to this question is. I can relate to Van sensei's statement about the "goodguy" syndrome as I think he puts it. I would probably not want to throw that first punch or kick in a situation because I would want to get out of the situation before the violence. However, I can see the advantages of an offense is the best defense scenario. Or, is it a nature vs nurture thing. Maybe some people are more predisposed to be more aggressive where others are not and would have to really push themselves into initiating a violent act.

I don't know the answer and I would hate to think of myself in that guy's place getting pummeled like he did. I know I can be aggressive, and I know that I can handle myself on the ground with untrained individuals, and I know that I can bounce back real fast from getting hit, but I also look at those pictures and think, what if the guy in the white shirt punched first? What would have been the results?

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Offense or Defense

Postby Stryke » Sun Nov 18, 2001 12:57 am

Hi , this is a tough one ,but i think it comes down to symantics , offense - defense , there all the same , I think the real question is when do you react to someone infringing on your personal space and rights , the answer for me is straight away.

No one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable or threatened , If they do make them aware they are ... tell em to back off .

There response will make it obvious of there intentions .

what s defense ? , i believe it`s taking away the risk , making it so the atacker canot harm you , this in my minds a good offence , stop impair the atacker so he cant attack no more Image ..

If anyone thinks you can block restrain your opponent into stopping your better than me , these things often just give the attacker an opurtunity to start again . Most restraints etc need a good offensive move to set up IMHO against an uncooperative assailent .

I wish the world was`nt like this but im afraid it just might be .


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