from the guard

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from the guard

Postby ready2go » Mon Sep 03, 2001 3:23 am

hey i would just like to know what is everybodys first move to try from in the guard. i bridge my hips and let the person drop one hand behind to scoop one of my legs. then i put them in the angle, pull them down and crank on the triangle.
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from the guard

Postby Joe Sullivan » Mon Sep 03, 2001 3:17 pm


In one of the first UFCs Royce Gracie fought Dan Severn. Severn was man-handeling Royce while in his (Royce's) guard. Next thing you know, Royce opens his guard and dangles his leg, baiting Dan Severn to put one arm under it to throw it over. As soon as he did...TRIANGLE and fight over.

Joe Pomfret
Joe Sullivan
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from the guard

Postby Malcolm Wagner » Mon Sep 03, 2001 11:18 pm

Hey Joe, Ready 2 go,

I find it most natural to let the opponent push me forward onto my shoulders, I hip-swivel at the same time, then it is so easy to roll around either of his arms for an upside-down bar or elbow crank (I sometimes wind up sitting on the back of his shoulder). With the right hip motion I let him use his force to move my whole body around for the kill; as Rickson says, I flow with his go;-)

Malcolm Wagner
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from the guard

Postby Souders » Mon Sep 17, 2001 6:54 pm

All of these are great moves from the guard but you must set these up. The first thing i do in the guard is either try a fake sweep or a submission i know isn't going to catch. Examples: For your triangle i set it up by acting like i missed a straight armbar then reverse my hips back to the triangle.
For the armbar try acting like you want to head n arm choke them they react by pulling the head up leaving the arm behind
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from the guard

Postby Sambo » Fri Jan 18, 2002 6:08 am

I train in Sambo and love doing heel hooks, leg locks, ankle locks and knee bars from the gurad, YES it is possible!
I wait for him/her to stand on one leg, then open my guard, hook the leg with my foot at the same I shift my body towards the leg. Lift the hooked leg, grab it and I got a BEAUTIFUL knee bar. If they twist their body to void the knee bar then I turn it to a ankle lock or heel hook.

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