Marcio Feitosa Work Shop

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Marcio Feitosa Work Shop

Postby Stephen M Perry » Tue Aug 20, 2002 9:24 pm

There will be a work shop conducted by World Champ Marcio Feitosa on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu held at Stephen Perry's karate school on September 8th at noon.
Don't miss this opportunity to train with one of the best fighters in the world.
Titles Include:
Jiu Jitsu World Champion 2002,2001,1997.
Brazilian National Champion.
Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Champ 2001.
Top 10 ranked Shooto Veteran
Oscar De Jiu Jitsu Superfight-Defeated Royler Gracie.
Stephen M Perry
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Marcio Feitosa Work Shop

Postby T Rose » Fri Aug 23, 2002 8:18 pm

hey Jim,

At what level should we be to 'get the most out of' Marcio's seminar? Would us beginners be 1) a hindrance 2) wasting are cash/time vs training with you


T Rose
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Marcio Feitosa Work Shop

Postby JDeLuca » Sat Aug 24, 2002 5:29 am

For anyone that wants to improve their groundfighting this workshop is a great chance to train with one of the world's best grapplers.

I took part in one of his seminars in the past and it was worth the time, effort and money. I came away with new skills as well as improving the techniques I have already been using.

Marcio will only be around for a week and he is booked to teach at some of New England's top schools. If you grapple or plan to, don't miss this workshop.

J Deluca
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Marcio Feitosa Work Shop

Postby JDeLuca » Sun Aug 25, 2002 5:55 am

T Rose

I feel that anyone training at this seminar will benifit greatly. I would anticipate that most of the individuals that will attend the workshop at Steves will have some but not alot of BJJ experience. If this is the case Marcio can work on basics that will benifit the beginning grapplers as well as intermediate grapplers.

As far as the workouts on Sunday's the middle of Sept. works well for me. Give me a ring 1-978-771-0063.

Talk to you soon.
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