New Specialists Certification

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New Specialists Certification

Postby mikemurphy » Fri Jan 03, 2003 9:44 pm

Hello All:

NEW – IUKF Program…

“Specialist Certification Program”

Although this is the IUKF Referee, Judge, & Tournament forum.
We would like to take the space and introduce to the Uechi Ryu
World. A new and special certification program being offered
By the IUKF, to all Uechi Ryu black belts.

This new program is designed for Uechi Ryu black belts that
Have “Extensive” martial art training in other disciplines out
side of the window of Uechi Ryu. If one qualifies for and
passes the tough rigid standards set form for this program.
They can be issued the certification title of “Specialist” in their
selective specialty of the martial arts.

What is a “Specialist” ?

A specialist is a Uechi Ryu Black belt that has a great deal of
knowledge, & experience in other form’s of Martial Arts.
For example – Weapons, Grappling, etc.

These teachers are at a very high level of knowledge and understanding
in their selective martial art field. Once a person has earned the title of
“Specialist” , issued by the IUKF. All martial art students, instructors,
and lay folk, can rest assured that the person. Teaching that class or
seminar, are one of the very best trained, and seasoned martial art
professionals in that field. By seeing the IUKF Title of specialist, next
to the Instructors name. Everyone will know that this person has passed
the most rigged standards, and back ground checks set forth in the
Martial art profession.

Please Email : Jay Salhanick ( for the Application Form.

Note: Specialist Selection Board Members:
Senior Board Adviser: Raffi Derderian
Board Member - Jay Salhanick
Board Member – Mike Murphy
Board Member – Bill Glasheen
Board Member – Michael Aceto

1 – Minimum rank of Yondan in Uechi Ryu
2 - Minimum time training in other discipline – 5 years
3 – Teach 3 seminar’s that a Board member may observe.

Application Process
1 – Photo Copies of all dan Rank Diplomas
2 – Letter of reference from your Uechi Ryu Sensei
3 – Letter of reference from your teacher of the selective discipline

Please feel free to ask questions.

The board will due their best to answer them.

Thank you...
Jay Salhanick

03 Jan 2003 18:19
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Postby Bone » Wed Apr 09, 2003 2:42 am

Don't mean to sound like a arse but, why does everybody have to have abelt and/or a certificate to show that they have some knowledge??? That is one of the things that attracted me to grappling over the traditional arts is that the belt rankings really menat soemthing, you had to have skill to get it, not just show up and grab a few techniques, theory and a kata. Just my opinion.
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