Nine year old girl butched by karate coach.....

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Nine year old girl butched by karate coach.....

Postby AAAhmed46 » Sat May 13, 2006 8:04 am

Nine-year-old butchered by karate coach

May 5, 2006
A report by Iwona Lejman

A 9-year old boy has been stabbed to death by his karate coach in southern Poland. The police have seized the murderer, who nearly got lynched by local inhabitants. The public prosecutor is looking into the matter.

A karate coach who had been currying favour with nine-year-old Sebastian’s parents for a few months turned out to be a cruel murderer. He lured the kid to a forest, hanged him by his feet and cut his throat. Despite the parent’s appeals on radio and TV after Sebastian’s disappearance, nobody managed to find out what had happened to the boy until a day later, when the murderer was seized and showed the scene of the crime. The local police together with other forces, not to mention the people from the neighbourhood, reacted immediately, says the prosecutor’s press officer Monika Stanny:

'One should notice it was such an effective action that it brought results already the following day when the criminal was caught.' The question the prosecutor is asking now is what the motive of the crime was. The claims that he killed randomly are not to be believed, explains Monika Stanny:

'We still can’t say what made him kill the boy. He claims he killed for money, quite randomly, but it seems hardly possible. We are checking his testimony against all the evidence collected. Other children who have had contact with him testified that the behaviour of the 34-year old karate coach was not quite right and sometimes they got the impression he made some kind of advances toward them.' Psychologists say this that not enough is being done in Poland to alert parents to the need of explaining to children about the dangers of casual contacts with strangers. Police psychologist Mariola Quoos – Rakowiecka thinks that that people who take care of children aren’t screened well enough by schools and state organizations.

The matter is still being investigated, but it’s already clear that the murderer might stand the highest penalty in Poland, which is a life sentence.
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