bush likes the pig....

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bush likes the pig....

Postby AAAhmed46 » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:49 pm

NOTE: This post has been editted by the Moderator for unacceptable language. The situation in the Middle East is atrocious and it is understandable for posts about it to be "passionate". HOWEVER, we should at least try to modify our language to discuss the situation in a more civilized manner. I generally let a few minor swears slide, but there are certain words and phrases that are simply over the top for a public forum such as this. No editing for content, meaning or intent has been done. Only for foul language.

Just as defecation hit's the fan in critical parts of the world, bush cant keep his mind of the pig.


On topic of that:

To hez: You kidnapped two soldiers KNOWING what isreal's response would be.
You would do anything to make Isreal look bad, even sacrifice a whole bunch of civilian life of your own people.


Drop your damn obsession with Isreal. Fix your freaking country up. Dumb XXXXXX.

The blame lies mostly with them.

For isreal- Started with an overreaction with deliberate targetting of civilian targets and stopping ambulances from taking people to the hospitial, two more soldeirs get kidnapped, they move in, badly aimed rocket attacks strart.

They have a right to defend themselves, but seriously, they are punishing the wrong peope(civilians) when the government should pay.

I always wanted governments in the middle east to eat XXXXXXX, i just didnt want it to be with this kind of indiscriminate targetting.
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