Massachusetts Law killed Wakefield Victim!

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Massachusetts Law killed Wakefield Victim!

Postby Panther » Tue Jan 16, 2001 3:47 pm

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Wakefield Victim Had New Hampshire Permit - But Wasn't Allowed to Protect Himself in Massachusetts

This letter appeared in the Friday, Jan 11, 2001 issue of the Boston Herald:

Louis "Sandy" Javelle was my friend. On Dec. 26 in Wakefield, he was killed by a madman.

Sandy held both a federal firearms license and a permit to carry a handgun in New Hampshire. Ironically, the gun laws in Massachusetts prevented him from carrying a concealed handgun. But these same laws did not prevent Michael McDermott from obtaining illegal firearms.

When the rampage started, Sandy told co-workers to lock the door behind him and barricade it. He then confronted McDermott and became the third victim. If Sandy had been permitted to carry a pistol, he could have stopped McDermott. That meant that five other people could possible have survived
this tragedy. But Sandy did not have that option.

David Bergquist, Temple, N.H.


Actual scanned image of letter at:
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