Genocide factor

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Genocide factor

Postby Van Canna » Fri Mar 30, 2001 7:58 pm

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Genocide factor

Postby student » Sun Apr 01, 2001 5:58 am

With some reluctance, I post here.

I post because I believe I have standing to post.

My father was born in Israel - Palestine, at the time. Our family goes back there many generations.

Many of my American paternal relatives have moved (back) to and settled in Israel; some on the West Bank. Some are in Hebron.

If the point of the Drudge picture is the atrocious killings are all from one side and the other side is totally blameless I fear he is wrong. I would hope the idea is to put some balance in reporting and reduce each side's propaganda and get to the truth, and get to peace.

Amity is not necessary. Just peace. For all.

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