The Missing Side

Contributors offers insight into the non-physical side of the Martial Arts, often ignored when discussing self-defense.

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The Missing Side

Postby gmattson » Fri Sep 25, 1998 8:48 pm

From: Phils
Date: 11 Sep 1998
Time: 23:24:01
Whoops... my connection went down and the posting missed some things.... sorry if it reads like a ramble.
The missing thoughts were these, but not necessarily in this order.
Teaching (making a living) isn't really the same as the pursuit of the art or even avocation. They often go hand in
glove but they don't have to. It's wise to keep your day job. (I am reading into some of the other posts that part of the problem is attracting students.) Also, I've seen great teachers who are marginal students themselves and poor teachers who are great martial artists... and think about it, what do you really ‘teach'? Consider it carefully.
Secondly, with regard to the art and creativity, I wanted to share the thought that evolutionary or revolutionary work
is often considered outlandish by contemporary standards... look at the Impressionists, considered unrefined and
vulgar in their day. I remember my brother buying Thelonious Monk albums in the late 50s and early 60's. It drove me to distraction to listen to those records back then. A few months ago, I watched a documentary on his life and loved his compositions! Did I change or has the world changed?
The point is, before you decide you don't like something, even martial arts flash dancing, clear your mind of preconceived notions and again, find something good to say about it before passing judgement.
It's also good to feel solid enough about yourself to say what you really think, instead of going along with everyone
just to fit in.
Now I'm not sure the above stands alone or even as a footnote to the other post! Phils
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