How many Sanchin steps to freedom

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How many Sanchin steps to freedom

Postby paul giella » Sun Aug 29, 1999 9:08 pm

great to hear from you. Sent you a private email. I've been so tied up with work I haven't seen any of the old gang all summer. Talk soon.
paul giella
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How many Sanchin steps to freedom

Postby jlenhoff » Mon Aug 30, 1999 5:13 am

One hot Wednesday afternoon in August of 1969, I joined George Matson's dojo, then on Cambridge Street in Boston, and took my first Sanchin step. Thirty years later, although not active in Uechi Karate, I still do some part of Sanchin whenever I catch my reflection in a mirror. So much for the physical.

The real lasting influence of my days at that dojo are the friends I made there, and still have, and the spiritual quest the Karate experience began. I'm grateful it was George's dojo that happened to be just around the corner from my Law School.

John Lenhoff
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