It's Also About Comraderie

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It's Also About Comraderie

Postby david » Sun Nov 07, 1999 3:37 am


Appreciate your concern about my missing classes. Simple fact -- my wife and I have weird work schedules. Coupled with parenting responsibilities, weekends are tough to are tough for "free time." I actually have better opportunities during the week.

I love what I saw today. Lots of folks working out and having what seems to be a good time. Makes me wish I can make classes more often. I read the controversy about people skipping classes. It's too bad. Aside from being able to pick something from anybody (even if it's about learning what doesn't "fit" you), the hut classes are great because it is a chance to see old friends and become friends with new people. I value the times I get to spend in dojo. The dojo brings a cross section of people together who share my interest/passion. This is especially true of the hut where many come from years of practice in uechi-ryu and other arts. There I go to enjoy the comraderie of a number of old dojomates going back to Hancock St. and the new ones along the way.

The quality of the practice in the dojo is important but so are the relationships we form and maintain in there.

Thanks again for your concern.

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