"The Hut" with Paul G.

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"The Hut" with Paul G.

Postby Gary Santaniello » Sat Feb 19, 2000 4:37 am

Hi Paul,

Just want to thank you for a good workout last saturday.I am glad to see you working on "Sanchin" kata from different perspectives. Although some folks don't agree in doing so, i enjoy it very much myself.

Bunkie's from a frontal attack is also a different flavor and/or approach that was also enjoyable to do. Of course, having the old "Pit Bull" (Fedele) for my partner is ALWAYS rewarding in itself !

As much as i was looking foward to tomorrows class,i don't see the morning roads being favorable. However, we will see you next week for Sensei Canna's class that i hear is real intense workout!

For those of you who think of going to visit for a workout, make the trip. Good job Paul !


Gary S

Gary S.
Gary Santaniello
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"The Hut" with Paul G.

Postby paul giella » Mon Feb 21, 2000 10:35 pm

Thanks for the acknowledgement... I figure what's fun for me will be fun for the gang. Hence, the new exercises. Can't keep doing them the same way forever... there is so much to develop! Spread the word.
paul giella
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